Real Property Solutions is an investment firm built for homeowners at risk of foreclosure.  If you're facing foreclosure, it probably feels like you're carrying a huge weight. You might lose your home and the process seems overwhelming. You're not in this alone. Help is available, official and reliable but 90% of people facing foreclosure don't seek this help.


Real Property Solutions is dedicated to addressing the root of your problem which is more beneficial than the types of options any Lawyer or Broker can offer.  Lawyers will delay your foreclosure in court, sometimes for years,  which does not fix the underlying issue.  A Broker will attempt to sell your home leaving you responsible to pay the defaulted interest to the bank after you sell.


Real Property Solutions will explain all the options you have available to fix your foreclosure and we never charge fees for our services. Once you work with Real Property Solutions, we will pay for Real Estate Lawyers, Bankruptcy Attorneys, Real Estate Brokers, Litigators, and Relocation specialists whenever necessary.

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Real Property Solutions is a highly regarded real estate solutions company with over 10 years of experience. Since our inception we have helped thousands of homeowners face foreclosure along with rebuilding the communities throughout the 5 boroughs and Long Island.

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