The Word in the Neighborhoods

This has been such a smooth experience in the midst of such chaos with my finances.  I thank Real Property Solutions for standing in the gap for me and my family.  I truly recommend Mr. Francis and his business, Real Property Solutions  definitely provided us with a solution.  -Mrs. Gentry, Hollis, Queens NY

Thank you Real Property Solutions, you guys are the REAL DEAL! - A. Burrows, Astoria, Queens, NY

Real Property Solutions contacted me about my property that I walked away from because my pipes busted and I had lost my job that same year and didn't have money to repair my home.  I moved to Georgia with my sister and I received a phone call a couple of months later from my neighbors that there were squatters in my home.  They had informed me that they were selling drugs from my home causing a lot of traffic in the neighborhood and I did not know what to do.  Real Property Solutions informed me that they could help me get rid of the squatter, speak with my bank to forgive my mortgage/liens on the property.  It sounded too good to be true and I was not on board at first, but I really needed to get rid of this house and put all stress in the past.  Real Property Solutions kept their word.  My debt was satisfied and my neighbors called me to thank me for finally getting rid of the squatters and finally getting the neighborhood back to what it was.  -J. Morris, Hempstead, NY

Working with Real Property Solutions was an "amazing experience".  My father past away a couple of years ago and he left me and my other siblings with the property and we were not getting along risking the property going into foreclosure.  If it were not for Cowen for contacting me and helping us stop the sale for our home.  Cowen was able to set up a conference call with my siblings, even though they were not all in state, he was able to come to an agreement with all siblings on board to take care of the proper paperwork and will work out for each of us eventually.  Our father is probably really disappointed with us allowing this house to get this point, but Cowen really helped us get through this and reconnected our family once again.  After not speaking over 5 years, my siblings and I are very happy with the results.  Cowen was very persistent and I was surprised he pulled this off. Thank you, P. Jenkins, Yonkers, 


I was dealing with a broker who listed my property and I didn't hear anything after I signed the listing agreement.  I paid an attorney that said he saw an error in my mortgage and that he could get the foreclosure dismissed - which never happened.  Every time I applied for a modification and sent in all my paperwork, a month later they said more paperwork was missing, a year later I am in the same position as before.  A friend who was in the same situation 5 years ago, referred me to Cowen of Real Property Solutions.  As soon as I have him my address, he already knew my complete situation.  He gave me  his advise which I followed and I am so glad I did.  Today I am living in a newly remodeled home with equity and I don't owe any more than my home is worth. I thank Cowen for helping me out with this stressful situation that I had been in for a year.  Now my life is way better and stress-free.  R. Washington

I was working with an attorney and I wasn't even notified by them that there was a sale date scheduled on my property.  If it weren't for Real Property Solutions, I would not have ever known.  Real Property Solutions, called my bank and was able to stop the sale and I also found out that there was no loss mitigation going on.  So I payed an attorney for nothing to only be denied a loan modification.  Real Property Solutions was able to help me and get me more time at my home, enough time to figure out what is going to be my best decision long term.  Thank you Cowen, Monica, Far Rockaway, NY